From the Gym to the Restaurant: Smooth the Experience with Aim’n Tights

Often, you will find your dining plans clashing with your gym schedule. Although they don’t fall within the same hours (dinner usually comes after gym), the difference in dress code makes for great inconvenience. Either you have to go home or change or drag your gym bag into the restaurant.

You can, however, bypass that unattractive hurdle by getting stylish tights that you can wear to the gym and to the restaurant. The sports leggings that Aim’n produces are created specifically for such scenarios. They are designed to be comfortable enough in the gym and decent enough in the restaurant. The research that goes into their design also ensures that you do not show up sweaty for your evening meal. Any restaurant will accommodate you in Aim’n leggings. Your company will not feel ill at ease either.

Busy restaurants also need to consider these tights as part of their staff uniform. The same features – comfort and decency- that make them suitable for gym goers would be perfect for their waiting staff who are always on the move.

These tights are available in a wide range of designs and colours on the Aim’n online shop. Restaurant owners can also enquire about custom designs. The site is very fairly priced and has been hailed for its timely shipping practices. The company’s absolute focus on women’s sportswear means it has managed to exploit areas that general apparel makers may have overlooked or not discovered.