How Restaurants Can Use Intranets

Running a restaurant is a difficult challenge. Trying to compete with others and follow the best food trends only adds to the stress. This is fraught with even more problems for a chain of restaurants in different locations. But with the advances in technology, there is now a viable solution in the form of, the ideal platform to streamline processes.

Why Intranets?

A modern, forward-thinking restaurant needs to make use of all the available technology, not only for operational efficiency, but for customer satisfaction too. Using to share digital menus offers more flexibility and dynamic content management that traditional paper options simply cannot match.

The information can be continually updated to show daily specials, price changes, and new additions to the menu. The is managed by Microsoft and is ideal for internal communication. Any changes made in the SharePoint list can be reflected in real time across all digital platforms and easily accessed by all staff.

Multimedia Integration

Another option worth exploring is the ability to add multimedia, such as images or videos, to the intranet. Waiters could perhaps carry a tablet to show customers what the finished dish looks like, as visual appeal goes a long way in securing an order.

Premium dishes can be showcased, allowing for upsells for increased profitability. The nutritional breakdown and allergy information could also be accessed immediately, as required. An app for the restaurant is another option that will encourage new and repeat visitors.

Going out for dinner is a pleasurable experience, and all aspects of improving customer satisfaction should be welcomed. Whether you’re running a large restaurant chain or a small café, Omnia Intranet SharePoint’s powerful features and flexibility can be tailored to meet your specific needs by improving communication, efficiency, and knowledge management.