Danish cuisine

Those who are staying in a hotel in Copenhagen will get the opportunity to sample a variety of Danish dishes. The hotel breakfasts will offer a variety of mainly cold options and these will not be unfamiliar to visitors from other countries.

Breakfast options include porridge, granola, fruit and pastries. Some hotels in Copenhagen will have a buffet option, so you can make sure you have a hearty breakfast before you go out to explore the city.

Lunchtime in Denmark

One of the favored options is smørrebrød – an open style sandwich that often features cold meats or liver pate. Rye bread is very popular in Denmark. Restaurants in Denmark, even those found inside hotels in Copenhagen, will also serve hot meals at lunchtime, such as soup. If you need a packed lunch for a day out though, your hotel will favor the cold sandwiches.

A good hotel in copenhagen will also help you by recommending good places to eat and try different dishes. The Danish cuisine is generally based on the seasonal restrictions that used to exist. Fruits and vegetables are seasonal and this would go with whatever fish could be caught or the meat that could be found. Many hotels in the city keep to a seasonal menu, so what you might eat will depend upon the time of year that you visit.

Evening meals are generally a meat dish, that would be served with potatoes and vegetables, or salads during the summer months. Starters are fairly common in restaurants and are generally soups or fruit.